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Choosing CorkGuard™ treated corks adds up to good business all round.

With an increasing worldwide focus on using packaging from sustainable sources, choosing natural cork over man-made alternatives makes good sense. It also shows you understand and care about the farmers who rely on sales of cork for their livelihoods.

CorkGuard™ treated corks represent excellent value for money. We estimate that our treated corks can cost as much as a third less than alternative man-made closures.

We have numerous routes for you to start using CorkGuard™ treated corks. Contact us today to find out which is best for you.

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  • #1 Meet sustainability targets
  • #2 Save costs
    • CorkGuard™ treated corks can cost around 33% less than alternative options
    • Wastage virtually eliminated
  • #3 Improve quality
    • Reliable, consistent results across batches
    • Specific OTR to match requirements
  • #4 Increase profit