About CorkGuard™

CorkGuard™ technology was developed to address the issues that resulted in some businesses in the wine and spirits industry moving away from using natural cork as their closure of choice.

The idea of putting a barrier onto cork to prevent taints and to regulate oxygen entering the wine has been around for decades, yet it has only become feasible through the development of new materials and effective ways to apply it.

The CorkGuard membrane enables any cork to deliver consistent regulated OTR. This eliminates premature oxidation , bottle variation and also taints. As a result, customer satisfaction is increased, returns decreased and all achieved through a highly cost-effective solution.

The technology is licensed for use globally and has been used in ten countries since 2010.

Natural qualities retained

  • Elastic
  • Permeable
  • Sustainable
  • Quality feel

Issues overcome

TCA Controlled
Variable Consistent
Dust Prevented

How It Works

When applied to corks, CorkGuard™ regulates oxygen flow to an optimum rate for wine, yet restricts taints from entering the product (TCA completely prevented on corks with <1ppt).

This means that CorkGuard™ treated corks allow wine to develop in exactly the way their makers intend, free from damage caused by defects that may naturally occur in the cork.

CorkGuard™ technology is certified safe to use with wine (still, fortified and sparkling) and spirits.

Corkguard - How it works